Friday, December 24, 2010

The Invasion has happened

I read the other day a post by Charlie Stross, and he was reflecting on some thoughts I have had for a long time, but he uses another way of looking at it, and it got me thinking further and, well you know how this goes.
The post is titled "Invaders from Mars" and in it Stross describes how we've effectively been invaded and governed by non-human, aggressive artificial intelligences that don't give a shit about us and only see us as "meat". These entities are called Multinational Corporations. 
Here's a piece:

Corporations do not share our priorities. They are hive organisms constructed out of teeming workers who join or leave the collective: those who participate within it subordinate their goals to that of the collective, which pursues the three corporate objectives of growth, profitability, and pain avoidance. (The sources of pain a corporate organism seeks to avoid are lawsuits, prosecution, and a drop in shareholder value.)
Corporations have a mean life expectancy of around 30 years, but are potentially immortal; they live only in the present, having little regard for past or (thanks to short term accounting regulations) the deep future: and they generally exhibit a sociopathic lack of empathy.
We are now living in a global state that has been structured for the benefit of non-human entities with non-human goals. They have enormous media reach, which they use to distract attention from threats to their own survival. They also have an enormous ability to support litigation against public participation, except in the very limited circumstances where such action is forbidden. Individual atomized humans are thus either co-opted by these entities (you can live very nicely as a CEO or a politician, as long as you don't bite the feeding hand) or steamrollered if they try to resist.
In short, we are living in the aftermath of an alien invasion.
Stross uses the term "whimsical" to describe his musings, but to me it's anything but.
I think it's deadly serious.
Besides the fact that these Entities, as they should be called from now on, govern our fates and are poised to continue to do so, think about this:
These entities are the ideal vehicle for anyone - or anything- determined to gain control of major facets of society, government and the future: Secret Societies, Sufis, Aliens, you name it..
Does Ultimate Power come accidentally through business practices, or is it a thought-out, planned and well executed project that has nothing to do with the obvious front? As usual, I have no answers. I can only ask the questions.
Multinational Corporations could be the re-incarnation of of old-school World Control Conspiracies, from the Illuminati and the Rosicrucians to the Order of Dagon and the Fire and Ice Coven.
Hell, they probably are..
Would we know it? And, if we did, would it make any difference?
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