Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crop circles get iconic


If you thought crop-circle activity had stopped, simply because it doesn’t make the news anymore, here’s a good one. A huge Jellyfish 600ft (200 meters) in length, appeared in afield in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire, the UK. Here’s the story.

imageThis somewhat smaller dragonfly appeared in Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Only 150ft, but nevertheless complex and beautiful. Story here.

Lots more are appearing each day, making hoax talk even more cautious, unless many many well-organized and well-funded groups have taken it upon themselves to create a situationist haven in the UK (and most of the world for that matter).

What is the alternative? What if a sentient existence parallel to ours is trying to make contact the only way possible through dimensions? What if seeing that abstract mathematical and fractal patterns failed to attract attention, turned its iconography to more mundane, but universal themes? (the jellyfish morphology is a favorite one of alien biologists, considering it the most versatile for most environments in the future)
I am thinking desperate attempts to contact someone who just cannot see a pattern, like someone trapped in a basement, banging Morse code on steel pipes, hoping someone on the outside will recognize the obsolete communication method, and not discard it as pipes banging.
Just some fantasizing on my part, disguised as creative thinking.
But, what if?

Here's a nice video to sum it all up

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