Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Ufo Revelation with a twist

Ufocasebook has an interesting story from a letter received from an anonymous source, pertaining to his research during the eighties on some top-secret project involving Ufo technology. So far no big deal.
The interesting thing in his statement, which is quite large, is the theory that the symbols on ufos are actually a kind of active software, and when printed on the proper material and inside the proper field, they generate physical action, in this case antigravity.
The images are quite nice and intriguing, but what strikes me the most is the resemblance of the above statement with the fundamental principles of Magic, or Magick as it was called the past hundred years or so. The magicians of the Middle ages through the use of Seals, as the symbols where called, and the appropriate field, created through the use of Forbidden words, where said to be able to open portals and converse with beings said to be demons.
In the twentieth century, Austin Osman Spare preached the use of Sigils, as he called them, which where in essence your wishes and ideas crafted in a symbol or ideogram.
In the Ordo Templi Orientis, Kenneth Grant used symbols handed down to him by extra-dimensional entities, to open specific portals or gates to Elsewhere, or even achieve effects such as wheather phenomena and levitation (read: antigravity). Detailed instructions in his book Hecate's Fountain and some of his other books.
I have had a feeling for a very long time now, that magic, ufos and most realms of the paranormal where manifestations of the same phenomenon, and that they operate under the same mechanics. The only thing to be found now is the science behind them all.
Arthur Clarke was right after all..

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