Thursday, July 5, 2007


Strange sighting by a couple in Shropshire, UK.
While driving along the A5, they saw something like:

“This shape was about 1ft wide by 3ft or 4ft long. It quickly glided up the side of the hedges, over the top and curled around a wide tree.

“Our initial thoughts were that it was a white fox because of the shape and size but the movement was too fast, it came off the ground and the movement was not animal-like.” They added: “The shape was also a solid white mass with no definable features of legs or tails or wings.”

What intrigues me about these reports is that they just don't fit into any categories. UFO? Cryptozoology? No.
Parallel realities? And what's with the shapelessness? Nothing except single cell organisms are shapeless on Earth, and we kind of expect the same to apply elsewhere..
This intrigues me not only because there is such a hotspot nearby where I live (Mount Pendeli), but because I have actually seen such a creature (or that's what I think). In a road famous for it's Mothman-like creature sightings and anti-gravity phenomena, a white shapeless mass in the side of the road moving quickly out of the headlights range is no small thing. But what can one do? Stop the car?
Yeah, right. The fear is all instinct, and the tingly feeling on the back of your neck that makes your hair stand upright is no thing to laugh at.
Yes, it could have been a fox combined with my tired eyes, but those hairs in the back of my neck tell me that was not the case..


Karen said...

One evening in 1965, my boyfriend and I were returning home from a wrestling match about 10pm on this desolate county road in Wayne County Ohio.

Gary was driving his little Rambler and I sit in passenger seat just gazing out slightly out the right corner of windshield ... very dark, could see no more than headlights hitting the brush along side the road.

Suddenly this "white" "mass" which appeared light and breezy passed before us. My eyes caught it as it moved from the right and swiftly in front of our car in a gliding motion, then moving right up the side of the bank.

It did not touch the ground and passed by quickly yet smoothly.

It appeared with no features, was about 6 foot long and two foot wide and moved pass the front of the car length wise...kind of like how those ghost in cartoons do as they fly but was completely parallel to the road and likewise as it passed up the bank. It did not look like a sheet except in that it had no features and was white.

I followed the figure with my eyes, as it moved from the right, then in front of the car, and then as it passed up the side of the bank.

It happened so quickly, and before I had a chance to say anything to Gary, he says excitedly, "Damn! Did you see that too?!" I exclaimed yes, and he hit the gas pedal and we flew down the road.

What was also weird, was it appeared that 2 orangish globes (smaller than a baskeball but much bigger than a softball) were following us and keeping right on our tail end. Then as we are flying down that dark rode, along side the road was a guy standing outside his car looking into the woods, with his trunk open on the car. Don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, maybe coincidental but weird just the same.

The location this happened was near a mental institution and some suggested someone escaped from there - not. Someone else suggested it was a cow. lol, not. Gary's mother said it was an "omen" and that we are never to go down that road again. I have since traveled that road with no consequences, but not until years later.

No, I don't think you saw a white fox, my friend. But what it was I sure can't say.

Oh, by the way, this was about same time kids at school said they saw a flying saucer, not sure that had anything to do with it or not, but you never know.

Illuminatus said...

No Karen, I don't think it was a fox either, the same way the orange orbs and the UFO sighting and the white thing you saw where not coincidental. It seems that when the "Veil" gets thin, lot's of things get through, or at least become visible.
As fot the guy at the edge of the road... who knows. It must have made quite an impression on you to remember so vividly after all these years.
I am glad that you traveled that road without consequences, because it partly proves that superstition about strange places is just a fear reflex..

Anonymous said...

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