Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chinese Area 51 attacked? Strange Pics


This is one of the images from Google Earth sent to an editor of viewzone, along with the claim that this is the “Chinese Area 51” and was recently devastating by unknown causes. The rectangle pictured above is of unknown origin and spans almost a mile (!) while the road-like lines are more than 30 meters wide!
What could it possibly be?
In other photos runways are clearly seen, antennas, buildings, containers and more shapes of unknown purpose around a small village.


Shapes erected in 2006 seem to be blown to bits, craters can be seen and lots of weirdness throughout.

Here’s what the sender says:

The reader says this is Top Secret area in a remote part of China. This is the Chinese "Area 51" where captured (alien?) technology is kept and tested. It is also near by where the nuclear bombs were detonated many years ago. Supposedly the main laboratories are underground. You can see the entrances if you look at the images. Contact has been made with other "technology" (?). A new propulsion system was being tested. But it was not well controlled and could not be stabilized. An accident happened and the device blew up. The area is very contaminated now.

Wow. And I mean if all this is not a munitions bunker in an air force base  destroyed by accident and the strange white lines are not some sort of greenhouse, then we definitely have something going on!
I mean the writer claims that
“There's a sign of an explosion in places with the ground riddled with 10 foot craters, as if cluster-bombed. “

Cluster bombs from above are not the sign of an accident. Then again, they are not the sign of an alien attack either! Really? Aliens with cluster bombs?

Nevertheless this is really interesting, and I have a feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye. We just need an aerial photography analysis expert to let us know what we are seeing.

And on a side note, isn’t Google Earth a great tool? I mean, all you need is patience and a lot of luck! Besides all the random UFOs, imagine the strangeness waiting to be discovered….

Original article and pics here.

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