Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They live among us (Orb followup synchronicity)

“The tiny probes I’m talking about will be so inconspicuous that it’s no surprise that we haven’t come across one. It’s not the sort of thing that you’re going to trip over in your back yard. So if that is the way technology develops, namely, smaller, faster, cheaper and if other civilizations have gone this route, then we could be surrounded by surveillance devices.”

Paul Davies quoted by Technoccult, also citing several studies on yhe possibility of microscopically organized life, even on a quantum level.
So, it is possible (it has always been possible, it is just that now science has begun to ponder the possibility) that alien life forms have always been with us. It is possible that they landed, but nobody took notice. The slow moving behemoths occupying the planet had no chance of even thinking about the scale, or even the time-frame of the alien intelligence. They are just too fast to be caught. Just not as fast a s a flash on a camera.
Tiny orbs, specks of dust displaying intricate patterns, dismissed as focal artifacts end depth of field plays. Tiny crafts, tiny beings, large scale consequences. Now, that's a trip..


Anonymous said...

Size does matter, after all.

Illuminatus said...

You said it...