Thursday, June 19, 2008

The screwfly solution

After reading the excellent article on Technoccult on the rise of violent incidents for no reason, including road rage, I started thinking what could have caused this. The obvious case on fast-paced life is not the only candidate.
case 1: Being the animals that we are, reduced space means there are contenders in our private area or around it, and the reptile in us lashes out in defence.
case 2: The Earth is defending itself, much like the diseases it uses from time to time, according to some fringe epidimiologists. How it works is, of course, pure speculation.
case 3: (the scariest and the most interesting) We are ushered in a time of tension, war and mayhem by some alien race looking for some real-estate. Why fight the insects one at a time when you can make them kill each other?
If I had a Conspiracy Theory Teacher he would be proud..

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